What Makes Digital Video Recorder To Be A Special Tool?

Video Recorder
by mrrobertwade (wadey)

What Makes Digital Video Recorder To Be A Special Tool?

The invention of the digital video recorder has brought a revolution in the way people capture motion pictures. We no longer have to use magnetic tape to shoot a film; plus, video recording is within the reach of the amateur now more than ever. Each average household has at least one basic type of digital video recorder, not to mention the digital cameras incorporated in cell phones, smart phones and PDAs. What is so special about the digital video recorder or DVR?

Well, first of all the digital video recorder replaces the older video camera recorder or VCR by its capacity to record motion pictures directly on a high-capacity hardware drive disk. The storage capacity or size enables a certain mode of operation. Then, typically a digital video recorder can record in 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 or 6 hour mode with a higher or lower impact on the image quality. Time-shifting makes one other important DVR feature worthy mentioning.

A digital video recorder can record a TV program that you will watch later, when you choose. And this is possible thanks to the hard drive that does not require tape for recording. Thus, you can leave the room, pause a program and let the DVR to record it for you, and when you come back you can watch it from whichever moment you choose. No matter of what you are watching, the digital video recorder will continue to recorder. This is the most illustrative example of time shifting.

Make sure you follow the programming guide carefully, so that you operate the device well. Sometimes interactive menus are also possible allowing you to record a show for an entire season, or just daily or weekly. There are plenty of customization features that you can further take advantage of. And the operation of the digital video recorder is pretty basic, as almost no technical skills are needed.

The recorded programs will be available in a special section with everything that was saved. You just have to navigate through the saved programs and select something to watch. The rewinding and fast-forward features resemble those of the DVD player. More complex digital video recorder models can record one program while you are watching another, yet, most consumers still use the one tuner model that records only the channel that you are on.
The invention of the digital video recorder has brought a revolution in the way people capture motion pictures. We no longer have to use magnetic tape to shoot a film; plus, video recording is within the reach of the amateur now more than ever.

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Find Good Digital Video Recorder and H.264 DVR

Video Recorder
by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt

Find Good Digital Video Recorder and H.264 DVR

AVCap Corporation, located in USA is now into the Next Phase of its expansion and progress. While we endeavor to be one of the world’s most cherished names in field of Digital Security Equipments, our dream is to never stop in field of success.
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About R&D :
Strong R&D department is essential for AVCap Corporation to innovate and stride for excellence.
With a strong R&D team and constant quest for excellence, we have always been ahead of our peers in the industry. Our R&D team is in a constant quest for higher standards and innovative products to serve our clients requirements.
Our Creative products department is always eager to discuss new opportunities and product designs with the clients to fulfill their requirement.
In order to cater to customers different requirements, our engineering staff works 24×7 hours to deliver customization designs.
We provide a standard 2 year warranty, if needed we provide replacement.
With customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal we offer free technical support both on Products as well as Installation services.
AVCap Corporations’ outline on future is defined by its dedication to perfection and minute details in manufacturing of high quality products with the best client satisfactions.

AVCAP is manufacturer of Digital Video Recorder, Digital Video Surveillance, 4 Channel DVR, 8 Channel DVR, 16 Channel DVR, Video Surveillance DVR, H.264 DVR, DVR surveillance System, DVR Security Camera in USA.

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Essential features of a Digital Video Recorder for Home Security

Video Recorder
by Veronique Debord

Essential features of a Digital Video Recorder for Home Security

A digital video recorder (DVR) security device is an efficient, reliable and economical complete surveillance solution which records and stores motion video from analog or digital cameras into a hard drive. The surveillance cameras of the DVR system can aid to monitor your home, office, ware house, entrance etc. from any computer (connected to internet), improving the safety and security of the place or property.

These days, DVR systems are becoming popular means to protect homes. DVR (Digital Video Recorder) home security system has become a popular choice for homeowners because it delivers a better level of protection at a low-cost price But, with so many options available in the market, home owners find it very difficult and confusing when it comes to purchase the best one. By simply knowing some important features of digital video recorder for home security, one can select the most suitable device instantly.

Zoom: When selecting a DVR for home security purpose, users need to make sure that the cameras have a zoom characteristic. Many people think that a higher zoom feature leads to a high quality image but this is not always the case.

Outdoor capability: Home owners who wish to see images from a location outside their home should go for a DVR system that has outdoor capabilities which means a huge range for capturing the images or videos as well as extra care for the cameras. These systems should be protected from wind, rain and snow. Thus, buyers should choose security systems that are especially developed for the outdoors.

Motion detection: Motion detection is one of the essential features of any DVR home security system, as it can detect moving entities in the area. Users may also connect the motion detector to a burglar alarm. This type of camera also generates a red light, when recording moving people.

Field of vision: Fixed security cameras are commonly used with DVRs. The larger the size of the lens, the more zoomed-in the field of vision is. Most of the cameras have changeable fields of vision but, before making a purchase, users should first decide the location of the cameras.

Fire Sensor: Fire sensor feature is essential as it helps in raising a warning whenever there is a fire. They work like smoke detectors and are important for protecting the home. Fire sensors can sense the carbon elements of smoke even before the fire starts. The beep sound as well as the alert one gets on the computer is used for home surveillance.

Author of the article is selling advanced, high quality and reliable digital video recorder security devices. He has vast knowledge about these products and can offer you best one.


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Tips to select the Best Digital Video Recorder

Video Recorder
by StreetFly JZ

Tips to select the Best Digital Video Recorder

We always get confused while choosing the best digital video recorder (DVR) for surveillance at our home of business. In earlier time, analog cameras were used to improve the security but now as we are living in technologically advanced world, people are now shifting to digital cameras. With huge capacity and layouts in premises, it can be a little tricky exercise. To help you take the right decision, in this article, we have suggested simple guidelines.

Evaluate your video surveillance requirements

Consider the areas of the business or home you want to keep under surveillance. Access your security problems and prioritize the areas where you want security for short, medium, and long term. How many video cameras are needed to install for the desired video coverage? Before downloading, how many days of storage you will be required? How you wish to access the video from DVR. You may need to buy device in steps as per your budget.

Make sure DVR must have storage space

You have to determine the number of days for which you want to save recording on the DVR hard drive. A default configuration enables the recorders to record the most recent video over the oldest video. Thereby, once the hard drive is full, the DVR will continue to record new videos and erase old recordings. For instance, if you are using a DVR with 4 channels, then you need to store the recording in hard drive with a rate of 4 GB/hour. You can also improve your storage capacity by adjusting the settings like alarm recording, frame rate, resolution, and picture quality.

Go for a DVR with adequate video channels to match future needs

When you are selecting a recorder, think about how many camera angles you require in the future as well as the locations where you want to install DVR because the number of video channels that DVR supports restricts the number of cameras that can be linked. Also, decide whether you need coverage only inside or outside also.

Determine what data needs to be recorded

Your recorded videos can be coordinated with particular location data. This video recording can be extremely important when analyzing situations or investigating theft or robbery incidents. It is important to choose a camera that can perform even in low or dim light conditions. The best models for DVR available these days, will have a number of modes in their menu for automatic settings.

Author is a leading provider of high quality, advanced and affordable security systems which can be installed in offices or homes to develop a safe and secure environment.


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Types Of Digital Video Recorder Devices

Video Recorder
by brizzle born and bred

Types Of Digital Video Recorder Devices

Recording video from numerous forms for digital storage and future management is one great advantage of the digital video recorder. Using the compression of the video signal with an MPEG-2 encoder, Digital video recording facilitates video recording, and also similar video encoders utilized for DVD files like movies and audios. Digital video recorders permits consumer to get media form and stock up them in digital configurations in a range of storage tools like for example SD memory cards, (USB) Universal Storage Bus flash drives, and disk drives. Tools having the capacity to record like those above are also called PVRs or personal video recorders.

This digital video recorder can allow its user to copy videos from almost any kind of sources digitally. The recording process involves the compression of video signals with video encoders like the MPEG-2 and other encoders that are used especially for DVD movies. The user can also use the USB flash drives, SD memory cards, disk drives, and several other personal video recorder (PVRs) mediums in storing the video materials in digital format.

Some of the most popular methods to record video and television programs digitally are via a stand-alone digital video recording box that saves media to an integrated hard drive, a stand-alone DVD recording device, and a computer system that has an incorporated video and television capture card. The aforementioned types of digital video recording devices are DVR recorders that store data into a hard drive that comes with the devices.

The incorporation of the digital video recorder into several of these devices has been brought by the recognition of LCD and LED television sets. Wit this innovation nowadays, users can watch «live» high definition programming in, at the same time digitally record video data which can be replayed anytime they want. LED or LCD television integrated with digital video recording capabilities, actually an ease for all the consumers with the help of DVR recorders.

These days, it is already possible to integrate digital video recording to LED and LCD television sets. The users can already enjoy high definition «live» programming as well as digitally record the video on various sources. What makes it more exciting is that the user can play back the videos on their television sets. This system however has simplified the use of DVR recorders while combining the digital video recording capabilities with such television sets.

Security DVR systems can fall under the embedded or PC-based categories. The main difference between the two is that the former is developed specifically for digital video recording, while the latter has this type of purpose as only one of its multitudes of possible features. DVR architecture for personal computers use the conventional PC as a DVR system by incorporating a video capture card to record images and video, while the embedded DVR system uses an OS and application software developed mainly to digitally record videos.

Digital video recorder systems are excellent picks for efficient security. Digital video recorders help you supervisemore and save the information in real time.


Common Features And Characteristics Of Digital Video Recorder Servers

Video Recorder
by Luna sin estrellas

Common Features And Characteristics Of Digital Video Recorder Servers

As you may know, a digital video recorder server is used in DVR surveillance systems of large public places such as hospitals, sports stadiums, shopping malls, office, and office buildings. These security systems are so large that a machine should be powerful enough to handle as much as 64 video channels! Amazing, isn’t it? Here are some characteristics of DVR servers.

Operating System and Compression Algorithms

Most DVR servers are Linux-operated and they use H.264 video compression technology to provide real-time video recording and playback. Most machines can display video resolutions of up to 720 x 480. This means that your surveillance videos are clear and sharp. The number of channels that a digital video recorder server can handle varies on its design and use. Machines used in small stores can accept at least 8 channels, while those that monitor very large places can hold up to 64 channels. However, the graphical interfaces of some machines can only display 8 channels at a time, so you may have to scroll your way down to get to channel number 64.

Common DVR Server Features

No matter what the brand or make of a digital video recorder server, you should look for these necessary features: live recording and playback speeds of 480 frames per second (fps), digital watermarking, object count, motion detection, multi-channel display, CD and DVD burning, and pre and post alarm recording. The storage capacity of servers vary with its purpose and use. The longer the monitoring time, the larger disk storage you may need.

Cameras, Data Back-up, And Internet Connectivity

As mentioned before, an excellent digital video recorder server will always use the most advanced video compression algorithms for the clearest surveillance videos. If you are shopping for a DVR server, always ask if the machine has H.264 compression hardware. Also, most machines come with 18x DVD-RW drives so that you can burn those surveillance videos into DVDs. In terms of Internet connectivity, most servers have remote desktop features and TCP/IP protocols for local area networks (LAN) or wireless area networks (WAN). Any pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera today is compatible with any DVR server. Of course, most machines support multi-viewing protocols. Some can also set presets and running patterns for your security cameras.


Indeed, a digital video recorder server is a very sensitive machine. Some are even kept in climate-controlled rooms to make sure that the server does not exceed its temperature thresholds. You might be wondering why. Well, if the server crashes because of too much cold or heat, the whole DVR surveillance system will be completely paralyzed, defeating its purpose. The machine may have its own ventilating system, but the professionals will always tell you not to take any chances.

You can always find a different machine with features that are not mentioned here. But it comes with a higher price tag than your garden-variety DVR server. It is always good to evaluate and reassess your security needs so that you will be spending your money right.

Get a digital video recorder server and a video capture card for security cameras to get your remote DVR surveillance working. Visit Video-Surveillance-Guide.com today for more information.


Home Theater Components — Digital Video Recorder With DVD Player

Video Recorder
by moon_child

Home Theater Components — Digital Video Recorder With DVD Player

One piece of equipment that no home theater should be without is a digital video recorder with DVD player. It is available under several brand names and some cable companies also will rent you one. A digital video recorder is a device which delivers an amazing audio sound and high quality video viewing, for the cinematic connoisseur. If you choose a DVR from your cable company they will give you the recorder enclosed inside your cable box. This will help you in saving space in the design of your home theater system.

Using a built in USB and Ethernet port, a digital video recorder connects easily to your existing home theater system. Weighing a mere 15 pounds or so, a DVR records video in digital format to a hard disk drive. Depending on which model you use it can record as much as 300 hours of television entertainment. DVRs can also record two digital channels simultaneously while you’re enjoying another show. The front panel shows you what’s being recorded while it’s happening even with the power to your television set turned off.

Nothing is lost to the digital video recorder with DVD player. All of the original detail and clarity remains perfect, so you can watch your favorite shows and movies in your home theatre whenever it’s convenient for you. If you have two shows that you wanted to watch, but they air are the same time, you can save them both with the DVR, having the freedom to watch both whenever you want. You even have the option to set the DVR to capture entire episodes of shows! This also saves you the hassle of buying blank recording media.

If you get really into it, you can even use your digital recorder and your home theater system to control live TV just like a video. You can use the ‘rewind’ and ‘fast forward’ functions to manipulate television just like a DVD.

A number of new televisions being sold have a built in digital video recorder with DVD player . If you’re searching for a new set to supplement your home entertainment system, this might be a good option. A digital video recorder can save you time and optimize your television viewing.

To learn more about including a digital recorder with DVD player in your home theater, please visit http://www.hometheaterroomsdesign.com/.


Spice Up Your Home Security Systems With The Best 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder

Video Recorder
by otherthings

Spice Up Your Home Security Systems With The Best 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder

If you want to drastically improve the quality of the surveillance video of your home security system, pair your computer with a digital video recording device. With all the DVRs out today, it is important to get one that would suit your needs. Here are a few matters to consider.

Number of Surveillance Channels

You may have to ask yourself this: «How many channels do I need to monitor?» The number of surveillance channels of your home security system will really trim down your choices. If you want webcams over your living room, kitchen, the master bedroom, and the kids’ bedroom, you should get a 4 channel digital video recorder. If you want to monitor more than 4 rooms in your home, you have to get a DVR which can support more than 4 channels. To be sure, consult with a professional for the right specs to get your security system running.

Make Sure That Your DVR Has Lots Of Disk Space

The more channels that you have for your security system, the greater disk space you will need. You will feel really secure if your DVR can at least save a night’s worth of video surveillance. You might be thinking of buying a DVR with loads and loads of disk space. Keep in mind that machines with large storage capacities are considerably very expensive. So make sure to get a machine that answers your video storage needs.

Optical Drive Support

It would be good if your DVR can burn your surveillance videos unto a CD or a DVD to free up some disk space. When you buy your 4 channel digital video recorder, for example, ask the techies at the computer or electronics shop if the machine can support CD and DVD writers. It also would be great if you can add more hard drives to the DVR.

Features and Add-Ons

Above it all, you have to know if you can easily operate your 4 channel digital video recorder. With a professional’s help, you should buy a very user-friendly and intuitive machine with great security features such as motion detection, colored coded video bars, high quality video recording and playback, and remote viewing. If you need a 4 channel digital video recorder, look for a machine that does not need mad computer skills to operate even the most basic of functions.

Look At The Price

The best machines and electronic devices do not come cheap, especially those that come with great features and 24/7 customer support. If you can afford the expensive machines, go for it. For sure, a pricier 4 channel digital recorder works so much well than affordable ones. Indeed, you have to shell out the dough to get your system running, but the promise of having a very secure home is really worth the price.

Having the right 4 channel digital video recorder for your home security system means two things: you are getting your money’s worth, and you are sure that your kids are always safe at home.

Do you want to get the best 4 channel digital video recorder? Visit Video-Surveillance-Guide.com to read up on security DVR software and security camera DVRs.

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