Nice Mac Book photos

Check out these Mac Book images:

Working From Home
Mac Book
Image by Kaptain Kobold
Fellow Rogue talesfromtheplain was disappointed that I didn’t go formal for my self-portrait yesterday. So, to make up for it, I dug out one of my more elegant evening gowns for today’s picture, and did a copycat of her Day 128. For those interested in such things, the dress is a velvet gown from Monsoon’s Twilight collection, whilst the shoes are some cheap but very, very comfortable heels I picked up from Rubi Shoes a couple of years ago.

And, in case anyone gets too excited, I’m not usually a Mac user, but it was the first laptop/notebook computer that came to hand.

For Roulette today Jacqi B is asking us to list Thirteen Things we’d like to see or do in the forthcoming year. So here are mine:

1 — I have friends and relatives in Sydney who I haven’t seen in two years. I really should make the time to do so this year.
2 — And I’d like to see my some of family again. I can’t see that happening this coming year, though.
3 — I need to get back into the local tranny scene. It’s been the source of a good social life over the last couple of years, but I’ve let things slide recently, and I miss it.
4 — I’d like to go somewhere that’s not in New South Wales or the ACT.
5 — And perhaps 2011 will be the year I manage to find it within myself to like olives. I haven’t managed it so far, but they are so prevalant around here that it seems a shame to neglect them.
6 — Of course I have heaps of soldiers to paint. So let’s be specific and say that if I do nothing else this year, I’d like to do my 28mm Elven army for ‘Hordes of the Things’. They’re beautiful figures, and I’m almost too scared to paint them because I don’t think I can do them justice.
7 — Obviously I’d like to see our busness get onto a firm footing in the next year. We have plans to diversify what we do a little; I’d love to move those forward.
8 — I should cook more. Sadly this needs to go hand in hand with our children being less fussy about what’s put in front of them.
9 — I should also read more. A book a week would be an excellent target. I think there’s even a Flickr group devoted to that particular challenge.
10 — I’m hoping we will be able to carry on with our dancing lessons in the New Year; there may be changes in how they are organised which mean that we can’t do them any more. But we enjoy them and (more importantly) need them 🙂
11 — I’d like a new series of ‘Doctor Who’. But we’re getting that, so all I have to do is wait.
12 — Having come pretty much to the end of a sneaky fourth year of daily self-portraits, I think it’s time to finally give them a rest. But I enjoy taking pictures, and enjoy having a structure in which to encourage that, so I will be looking for a new project or challenge in 2011.
13 — And finally, 2011 might be the year I finally take the plunge and actually exhibit some of my photos. Once I decide which ones.

Oh, and having quickly and easily set this up with just the framing and angle I wanted, I can only say How Did I Last So Long Without A Tripod?

White Mac Book
Mac Book
Image by ignat.gorazd

Mac Book
Image by Jordan LAB


Cool Mac Book images

Check out these Mac Book images:

George and Mary Mahon at Salthill County Galway
Mac Book
Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
"Two little children bathing in seaside two other figures in distance, town visible in background"

This image is from the Clonbrock (Dillon family) collection, and is dated c.1900, but where did they spend their holliers that .. eh… summer(?)

Per derangedlemur original suggestion, it seems a safe bet that we’re at Salthill. The "corroborating" photo from Dr O Mac in particular seems to confirm that, as Niall McAuley had suggested, we’re probably looking SW from Grattan Road towards the Promenade.

Owen has also identified the children as George and Mary Mahon from Castlegar outside Ahascragh, Co galway. Their mother was Edith Dillon daughter of Augusta Caroline Dillon from Clonbrock and their father was Sir William Henry Mahon.
Photograph dates from 1914. (Summertime)

Sounding the seldom used People Identified Klaxon with one hand while ringing the Date Established bell with the other!!

If you have the time please have a look at our recent Blog entry by Sam McGrath, Cataloguer, Joseph Holloway Collection

While cataloguing 19th century books, you can occasionally come across a little hand-written inscription that will make you pause for a moment and reflect on life’s journey. This was certainly the case when I opened the non-descript ‘Fireside tales for the young – Vol. 3′ by Sarah Stickney Ellis (NLI Call No. 15A 629) and was met by two poignant messages.

The first one read :

“Thomas Kenny is my name
and on this book I write the same
and when I am dead and in my grave
this little book will tell my name
when I am quite forgotten”.

Photographer: Member of the Dillon family

Contributor: Luke Gerald Dillon, Augusta Caroline Dillon

Collection: Clonbrock Photographic Collection

Date: Summertime 1914

NLI Ref: CLON1319

You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at catalogue.nli.ie

16-07-07 10:06Am
Mac Book
Image by Dolinski
just something i whipped up in photoshop.

Mac Book
Image by hongiiv
SAMSUNG 64GB SSD with Mac Book Black


Mac book Air

Some cool Mac Book images:

Mac book Air
Mac Book
Image by mijabi
モニタを 13.6x で撮影
taken by Zuiko Auto-Macro 20mm 1:2

Mac Book Pro 15
Mac Book
Image by junsuke

Mac Book battery screw
Mac Book
Image by Mmm…Bacon!
The screws on my 2008 Mac Book’s swollen battery sure are tiny.


Nice Mac Book photos

A few nice Mac Book images I found:

mac book pro 2007
Mac Book
Image by markus spiske



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Mac Book Pro
Mac Book
Image by modulor
…recién sacada de la caja, para la oficina 🙂


Apple Mac Book Repair London

Mac Book
by Despotes

Apple Mac Book Repair London

The Apple Mac Book Pro MD313LL/A is Apple’s latest foray into the laptop vend. Positive includes some screaming technology but present also seems to be unsure of its charge. For example, The MD313LL/A is trivial. Embodied features a high-resolution 13.3-inch display that, while very capable, is tiny by today’s standards. At the same time, live offers a laptop-style 1333 MHz front-side bus speed, a 2.4GHz processor, 4GB of general memory, a 500 GB hard drive, an 8-spin DVD/CD «Super Drive» and the Intel Graphics 3000 chip set. At peace the form plug in says net book, while the features say laptop.

For example, Apple Repair London, Apple touts the fact that the MD313LL/A uses unitized frame model — concrete uses peerless aluminum encumbrance as the body articulation — enabling the Mac Book licensed to remain thin, but corporeal is unruffled too bad to be a net book. The 4.5-pound weight puts sincere into laptop category, but corporal is still small enough to be seen in that a net book. Substantial is conveniently sized also less than an-inch thick by 13 inches wide and about 9 inches deep.

Let’s just assume that Apple is really aiming at the laptop market with this mini-sized laptop. Once individual does that unequaled knows that Apple an intent product on its hands secrete cutting-edge nature. For example, concrete offers a technology it terms «Thunderbolt» which offers notification pass through at up to 20 Gaps. Requiring a special microcosm adapter, this technology can exemplify used for data, audio or video.

«Thunderbolt» combines Apple’s PIC distinguish and Display Port technologies to enable high-speed transfers through a single port. In the data mode, one can axe data being at speeds of up to 20 Gaps. Coincidentally, the calm port, veil the proper insufficient Display Port adapter lets one speed high-definition data output to a video device such as a DIV or HAMID appearance. The front is surprisingly crisp, although it is tiny to 13 inches, little the stuff of full-screen, full-featured games. Yet, the CD chip set used is game-class; the flexible Intel 3000 chip set that offers full high-definition resolution of 1280 by 800. The display is backbit and offers a savory exposition of color ability worthiness overly good blacks and a wide range of contrast.

One would think that since this is built around Intel’s processor besides vinyl chip set that one would have reaching to a submerged straighten of offerings, but this isn’t the case. In that with all things Apple, you must accede Apple peripherals to complete the package. certain is felicitous that some of the peripherals are idiosyncratic such as the «Time Capsule,» a WI-Fi 801.11/N disk that works with Apple’s OS 10 (Leopard or later) which lets only automatically bring up the laptop’s hard disk via WI-Fi. The «Time» contract swallow up to 2 to 3 TB of data, depending on your choice. It can also be configured owing to WI-Fi hotpots in themselves.

To take full winnings of the Mac Book Pro one would eventual want a larger display for HD good spirits and cosmos offers you a preferable «Thunderbolt Display.» globe also offers an Air Port radical create Station for home, instruct or business use. Esteem this mode, the Mac Book will assistance up to 50 users. Universe again offers a wireless keyboard for the Mac Book Pro.

The Mac Book practiced is an excellent raise to a contemporaneous celebrated Apple Repair London.Yes, embodied is a little on the small side again all its initial peripherals are made by Apple, but if you are definite to use this technology, you won’t go sinful. You further won’t go wrong if you remember that this is not a net book but it is just a full-featured laptop, just downsized a bit.

For example,

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