LAVA DVR HD Video Recorder Converter Box (Records TV in HD for FREE!)

LAVA DVR HD Video Recorder Converter Box (Records TV in HD for FREE!)

Top Features:
Record your favorite TV shows for FREE in High Definition.
Includes a 16 GB USB memory stick (records over 30+ hours) to watch your recordings anywhere you travel.
Schedule series recordings in advance so you never miss your favorite shows.
Not sure what to watch tonight? Use the built in program guide.
Watch all your recordings when you are ready!
Same DVR features you get elsewhere, but without a monthly fee or paying 0 for equipment.
Skip those annoying commercials!
No internet connection needed.
Converts older TV sets into HD quality.
It’s just like a modern version of the old VCR but without video tapes.
Parental controls to restrict programming.
Easy to use with any TV antenna.
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Get it here: http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/509767-Zoom-Q4N-Video-Camera
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With its 10 advanced lighting presets, the Q4n captures our highest-quality video ever — from bright daylight to a low-lit club to striking sunset. And with Zoom’s superb audio quality, the Q4n provides a combination no other camera can match.
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  • Israelite Ram говорит:

    I get it. The selling points of the Q4n are price, rich audio and greatly improved low light capturing. I've seen some on YouTube. But nobody, I mean nobody seems to care to demo the different zoom settings. How about setting the Q4n on a tripod 3-4 feet out from you holding a guitar. Change to the different zoom settings so we can get an idea the angle of view and perspective aberration loss. Thank you.

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