Who Invented the First Mobile Phone?

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  • MHG Scrubadub говорит:

    its a strange yet cool feeling when youre watching this vid on your phone and you pan out a bit to admire the awesomeness of the thing youre holding now

  • Scott Provost говорит:

    The Bay Area Police Emergency Radio Network was the first cellular network. Cellular radio communications networks were not legal yet but the fact that it was only supposed to be used for emergencies made breaking the FCC Rules temporarily lawful. But that legality was questionable so the Motorola COMSS and maintenance staff never discussed the legality.
    Motorola employees did not retain intellectual property rights and the legality concerns kept everyone quiet hence the truth about who invented cellular communications.

  • TheKindHuman говорит:

    Your videos are first class. At this moment you have 7189 likes and 86 dislikes. I wonder what it was that those 86 didn't like. You can't please everyone I know but I still wonder. Love your videos.

  • doogieAfro говорит:

    It wasn't the first…can't have been the first.. how did they build it without testing? They definitely made hundreds, maybe 1000's of calls before they went public.

  • R&D Films говорит:

    5:42 "Our target is a major transaction of micro processors. Yes, those. I don't know what they are, you don't know what they are, who gives a fuck?" — The Departed

  • Ricki De Lomba говорит:

    (Ricki)(loooook here) Can you do, problem solving videos, like agriculture, architecture, or even like history of clothing,??

  • Aswin srini говорит:

    hey why Chinese phones doesn't have pre installed play store… any mystery behind that… chinese wont allow that…. what is ur view

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