Gunman kills doctor, wounds six others in Bronx hospital rampage

NEW YORK (Reuters) — A former employee of a New York City hospital opened fire with an assault rifle inside the building on Friday, killing one doctor and wounding six other people before fatally shooting himself in a burst of violence that appeared to be workplace related, officials said.


Overview of the Best Smartphone

Best Smartphone
by danielsteuri

Overview of the Best Smartphone

It can be difficult to draw to an assumption on what the best Smartphone are. That is because for one thing, different folk have different ideas about what makes something the best. For another thing, the technology is moving so speedily that the best Smartphone of nowadays are being quickly replaced.

Therefore you usually have to recollect the best Smartphone are the ones that fit your requirements. What are you actually looking for from your Smartphone? Are you attempting to find the very best quality pictures, sound and videos? Or are you searching for the easiest web browsing?

Perhaps you have an interest in having access to the best games. Or maybe you are looking for a tilt screen that permits you to fundamentally have a small laptop with you at every point. Folks use their phones in all kinds of different ways, so the best Smartphone for them aren’t always the right ones for you to choose between.

The most well known of the finest Smartphone is the Apple iPhone. It’s the most recent release from Apple and it plays on plenty of the features that people loved about the newest iPods and Macs. There have been many models and updates, and now they’re extremely tough and flexible.

On the other hand, some people are not happy with the iPhone as part of the best Smartphone. That is due to the fact that the new models and upgrades come out so fast it’s hard to keep up with it all. In addition, many people like to keep their distance from such popular trends.

That’s the reason why the latest Blackberry models are getting solid reviews. They definitely deserve mention among the best Smartphone. Blackberry has a long record of developing feature rich PDAs with email and calling functionality, and their new models mix that experience with everything else that folk have started to expect from a cell phone such as games, an electronic camera and more.

One of the hottest of the finest Smartphone is the ATT tilt. The tilt is unique naturally for the screen itself, which tilts up about halfway to allow you to easily read and browse. It’s a convenient feature that helps it to stand aside from the bunch.

Naturally there are plenty of other available models that some people would put into the best Smartphone category. Nokia, Samsung and Palm all have fantastic options, and again it depends on your specific needs, along with which cell phone carrier you plan on contracting with.

Don’t worry about what other people say in regards to the best Smartphone. Someone else’s opinion is just that, their view. So when it comes to the great Smartphone just be sure that you pick a model that matches your express interests and intended uses.

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